Kip, Napoleon Dynamite, Beiber and Super Mario


The first time I ever heard of Majer Crew was 3 Halloweens ago, Marek Zaprazny (Orion professional) and I were sitting in my office looking at different Halloween edits from the various Media outlets, The Berrics, The Skateboard Mag,  TWS  etc.  Some of them were well done while others were pathetic to say the least.  We stumbled upon a link titled  simply “Miley Cyrus Skateboarding”.   We were instantly intrigued and introduced to a killer edit filled with amazing talent.

Check it out below.

That was all I needed to see, I wanted to get Mikey Whitehouse a part of the Orion Family and it didnt hurt to get the blessing from Marek.

This brings us to present day and Majer Crew just dropped their third halloween edit and guess what…they killed it again.

This Year even brought a few guests out of the woodwork.

Napolian Dynamite aka Nick Holt, Kip aka Mikey Whitehouse, Super Mario aka Andy Schrock, Justin Beiber aka Doug Des Autels and the rest of the gang put in work and from the looks of it had a blast. Stoked to have the 4 guys mentioned above representing Orion!


Cab late back foot flip to back lip…….. Ya, whatever Kip….. wow.