• Orion Trucks / Skater App

    Thanks to Revive skateboards and Andy Schrock for representing Orion even in the digital world! Awesome, cant wait to play it!

    MIkey Grinds a Truck

    Mikey Whitehouse isn’t fooling around in this Majer Mondays…..  actually i guess you could say he is fooling around; regardless this 50/50 on ricks work trucks off the quarter pipe is pretty sketchy.  Probably not so much when you have the balance of a cat like Mikey!  Good edit guys…… errrrr, Mikey lol.  

    Helas Caps video

    The fine folks at Helas Caps came out with a video offering this week and it is proper.  Check out Marek Zaprazny and the rest of the crew as they destroy  spots in EU with their own “high end: brand of skateboarding.  Check out the company as well, they are making some clean gear!

    Nick and Mikey at Woodward

    Looks like the Majer guys will be back in woodward this year from the 10th of July to the 16th, might be a cool week to book your trip!  Here is a little Majer Featuring Nick and Mikey, If your not already hit the link and subscribe to their Youtube page DadTV.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZyasYU2zdjQyNekZrvpWOQ  

    Best Bushings Ever!!

    Are Orion Bushings the best out there?  If you ask Micky Papa they are…… Now if he would only figure out our trucks are better also ; )

    BATB 9

    A little birdie told me that the winner of this lil event at The Berrics skates Orion Trucks bushings….. why? Because they are the best. Foot note, so does the announcer. ‪While they are not full on Orion Trucks Family, they are at least  Orion Trucksin-laws!  Good Job Mr. Papa

    Illegal Civ at Double Rock

    Olan Prenatt and the Illegal Civilization homies made their way up to San Francisco, California to hit up some street sessions but managed to get a lil action at Double Rock for Thrasher Magazine. Peep the edit here and keep don you Illegal civ!

    Nick and Mikey at Woodward West

    the Majer crew is heading to Woodward for week 6 of camps and Im only assuming they will be bringing Nick and Mikey along so if you are stoked on the crew sign up now to get your space reserved to shred with the guys!  Here is a little edit from Last years epic trip [...]

    Cameron Wetzler “BOOM”

    Cameron Wetzler gets a couple tricks on this Carlsbad, California gem before it was shut down. Boom indeed Cam, Boom indeed! ‪#‎oriontrucksfam‬

    Anders Nordlow documentary

    When I first saw footage of anders a couple years ago it made me smile, it also made me rewind the tricks once or twice to figure out if he actually did what was on the screen, impressive stuff.  It was a no brainer to start sending him trucks! Ben Duffy recently sat down with [...]