• A Majer crew Thanksgiving

    The Majer Crew came through with yet another killer Thanksgiving park montage and once again Mikey Whitehouse , JP Garcia , Brandon Moore and Nick Holt are holding it down hard for Orion Trucks. Go check out the new Board project the guys just launced and pic up one of the first ever Majer Crew [...]

    Make EA Skate Again!

    Friends, skateboarders, lend me your ears! We want a fourth edition of EA’s much-loved SKATE series—and we want it yesterday. Last week, we made our intentions crystal clear. With our #MAKEeaSKATEAGAIN campaign, we fired the opening salvo. Our fellow skateboarders, those who thought that the possibility of SKATE 4 was just a pipe dream, became [...]

    MIcky Papa is pro

    Micky Papa just turned pro and continues to use the best bushings in the game….. get a couple sets here http://oriontrucks.com/product/ac-usr/ and check out this clip for the release of his Blind skateboards pro model. Congratulations Micky!!


    Henner Figueiredo invites you to take a trip to the legendary city to explore through his lens Las Calles de Barcelona. Featuring Oriontrucks professionals Marek Zaprazny and Martin Pek.  Great edit, pretty cool Macba has lasted s long as it has…..

    Bones Wheels UK tour

    If you are going to be in Nottingham, United Kingdom tomorrow stop  by Flow Skatepark and check out Marek Zaprazny and the rest of the touring bones team members, they are sure not to disappoint! Check the bones website for future demo dates!.


    Local Barcelona filmer Liam Searle, enlists Jesus Fernandez, Manolo Robles, Cristian Vannella, Ignacio Morata, Jonas Daater, Alberto Velazquez, Daniel Lebron, Larelle Gray, Cristian Delgado, and Marek Zaprazny for what he calls: “The Paral-lel video that has not been made.” We’re glad Liam made it happen, because with new obstacles and locals ready to destroy them, [...]

    Ignacio Berrics full part

    Igncio “Nacho” Morata aka NA7 Is featured in a new part from the Berrics in their continued feature on BCN “Barcalona” better known as the best place to skate in the world.  While Nacho may be a Transplant to BCN via Cadiz, he is a Spanish National so he is a hell of a lot [...]

    How Martin Pek Won Grandprix Beroun 2016

    The WCS tour had their second stop in Europe, this time in Czech Republic for the Grandprix Beroun and Martin Pek from Czech skated the whole park, especially the rails, and took first place.

    Doug Des Autels || ShortSided

    a new series from Brett Novaks Youtube channel featuring a in depth, slow motion look at certain tricks.  This weeks installment features the one and only Doug Des Autels AKA Amskater. and a nose slide nollie 360 heelflip, enjoy.