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Cameron Wetzler

Cameron Wetzler has been a part of the Orion family for the last three years.  the first few months he was strictly filming and making edits for us,  that was until a few of the team guys expressed how good we was not only behind the lens but in front of it as well.  It seemed like a no brainer to add him to the extended family!  Cameron was a runner up in the One in A Million contest held by Slap as well as a runner up in the united nations entries at the Berrics so you know he has skills!  Check out his feature video project Family Madderz from a few years back and you will see what Im talking about, Oh ya, he ollied the Bobs Clock Shop gap in Carlsbad which isnt even possible!   …… Our filmer skates better than your filmer, Hands down. Thanks for being awesome Cam.


Acid Chemical urethane co.
Iron Horse
XYZ Clothing
Pizza Port Brewery…. thats right folks, free beer and pizza