Welcome to the team – MIkey Whitehouse edit

Mikey has been on a tear the past couple of years and is not slowing down any, with plans of heading West in search of proper spots and weather.Leave a comment, like it, tag a friend, go skating….. just do somthing!~  Congrats Mikey, well deserved brother

LRG Europe Letting the Kids play

Killer edit from out friends at Lrg Germany and the Let the kids play tour. Marek Zaprazny, Willow and the rest of the crew put on a few killer demos and had a blast skating with the kids. “Catch you later my dog” More Skateboarding Videos

Rhythm and flow: first chapter of Flamenco Tour

Music of the spheres on four wheels and six strings; Lebron, Fernandez and Lorenzo in concert. With Special Guest Ignacio “NA7″ Morata.   Andalucia is the birthplace of the evocative sound and passion of flamenco. It also happens to be home to many cities with abundant skatespots and good weather which makes it ideal for [...]

ATM Click / Melting Pot

Orion Trucks and ATM go back a ways thanks in part to ATM and Orion Trucks O.G Ronnie Bertino. He had hit me up to get one of his riders Sheehan O’Connell on the team and things moved from there.  Next up was Cameron Wetzler who not only edited the video below but also does [...]

Welcome to the Team Mikey Whitehouse

we are stoked to have Mikey Whitehouse a part of the family.  I first came across Mikey 2 Halloweens ago when myself and Marek Z. were scanning you-tube and came across the Majer Crew Halloween edit……….. After watching it we picked our jaws off the floor and cleared our eyes from the tears of laughter. [...]

Illegal Civ and Olan Prenatt on the red carpet

The TWS awards recently took place in Long Beach and as usual we acted like celebrities and had a red carpet event.  was funny seeing Olan and the crew behaving as young skateboarders should, With out a care in the world!