Mikey Whitehouse FTF Majer

Majer Crew is posting a grip of first try fridays on their YouTube channel today and i figured I would share Mikey’s with Ya’ll.  Also. Nick Holt and Mikey recently got a new camera and are getting their own YouTube channel up and running , so head over to DADTV and subscribe for more killer [...]

Chino Zumaeta’s a year older

Another team riders birthday and yet another day late on the greetings…. We are just so darn busy.  I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging with Chino last year when him and Bruno Bonilla did a lil trip to California.  One of Peru’s finest Chino is a natural on a skateboard and throws down [...]

Photo TBT with Marek

Who doesn’t love a great skate photo? Here is a little throw back to a Bratislava session with Marek Zaprazny shot by Kubo Krizo.  Nice one guys and a happy Thursday to every one! Nollie Frontside Flip: Marek Zaprazny                                 [...]

Happy Birthday Ronnie B

Well I missed it by a day but heck lets keep the party going! One of the best ever is still going strong and we are hoping to see some new footage from him in the near future.  Cheers Brother, and have a great week! And incase you may have forgotten…. the first ever Sw [...]

Majer Crew Ollie training

Mikey Whitehouse , Nick Holt and the rest of the guys in the Majer crew are always thinking up funny ways to play skate, but this time they figured they would just see what they could do on a 4 stack of decks complimented by a set of  Orion Superior sweet leaf trucks.  Pretty funny [...]

Epicly Palestine’d

Kudos to Vice Magazine for doing this piece, very interesting indeed. The story of how a small group of teenagers created a skate scene from scratch in a place where you can’t even buy a skateboard, whilst facing the challenges of living under military occupation. Enjoy and for more information contact http://www.epiclypalestined.com

Blake Harris Birthday edit

Well it came a little late but Justin Leslight and a few of his mates put together 6 minutes of shredding, even on a small flat bar Blake is awesome to watch.  Take 5 min and get motivated to go skateboarding.  

Safety First, its a must!

We all know skateboarding can be dangerous….. thats half the fun of it! Saw this little video on the inter-web and it gave me a chuckle, hope it does the same for you.  Check out the one wearing cowboy boots, so ahead of his time!  And don’t forget those knee pads, wouldn’t want to ruin [...]

Jericho Smith Pro Part

Orion Trucks Has a new Pro on the team after the homey Jericho Smith got the nod from our friends over at A.T.M Skateboards. Check out this epic part he just dropped on the Transworld site today!  Stoked for you brother, keep on doin what you do best;  Ruling!

VHS comeback with Marek

LRG is at it again on another Letting the Kids Play Tour. Looks like the filmer Kamil Krzesniak skipped the whole “VX1000 is the best for skateboarding ” argument and took it straight back to the VHS era…. or its just a cool app.  Either way, Orion trucks professional Marek Zarazny takes advantage and throws [...]