Ignacio Cali edit

Cameron had a little footage of Nacho from his most recent trip to California and threw together this sweet little edit. Beats by Smart Vandalay .  Enjoy the edit and hit the streets for a session…… weather permitting.

Thank a Veteran day

To see someone so selfless still able to enjoy the thing he loves so much brought a tear to my eye. Please folks, give thanks to our veterans and service members, and not just on Veterans day. We are free for a reason, lets all try and remember that every day of the year, not [...]

Nick Holt Bigger flip.

A little more behind the scenes from the Majer Halloween edit , this time with Nick Holt and the approval after the make from Mario…. I mean Andy.  If you haven’t seen the edit yet then get on it.a few news stories under this one!  

Skateline NBD/ Mikey Whitehouse

Gary rogers was as blown away by a couple tricks in this years Majer Halloween edit and thought he would let everyone know!  Nice one brother.  ”Mikey Whitehouse, show em ‘ what you can do!”

Kip, Napoleon Dynamite, Beiber and Super Mario

The first time I ever heard of Majer Crew was 3 Halloweens ago, Marek Zaprazny (Orion professional) and I were sitting in my office looking at different Halloween edits from the various Media outlets, The Berrics, The Skateboard Mag,  TWS  etc.  Some of them were well done while others were pathetic to say the least. [...]

Jerichos Birthday…late ofcourse

Happy late Birthday Jericho!  A day late but that how we roll, keep the party going a little longer!  Check out his Pro debut part that was featured on the Transworld skateboarding website a couple months back.  again Happy birthday Brother, Cant wait to see the Australia edit with Blake Harris dropping soon!

Majer Crew win $1000 for fun

The Berrics and GoPro are holding a contest where they give a grand for the best “have fun” edit every month.  Not surprisingly, this months winner  the Pride of Texas Majer Crew, Congrats guys and great edit!

New Ignacio aka “Nacho” clip from Vans

Orion Tucks professional Ignacio “Nacho Morata aka Nacho recently visited the La Linea  Welcome bowl  in Madrid  Spain and filmed a few Flips for Vans . Here the7 are.  Enjoy and have a great Thursday!

MIkey Whitehouse street edit

I know this has something to do with a Zumies contest , but not 100%, bottom line its a minute of pretty rad footage from none other than Mr. Whitehouse,m enjoy.  He and Nick Holt also recently started their very own Youtube channel so go subscribe and prepare for awesomeness! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZyasYU2zdjQyNekZrvpWOQ  

King Shit C.T.D Rhythm Skateshop

Another round of King Shit Magazine’s “Connect the Dots” and all the participating shops absolutely killed it.  Here is the entry from Rhythm Skate shop in Texas featuring the whole team and filmer:  WolfPat, Shane Smith, Dakota Camp, Taylor Bray, Jamarcus Wallace, Nick Holt, Mikey Whitehouse and Alex Simeone. Great job guys. New rider featured [...]