A trip with the VAZVA SB team, Ignacio Morata, Marco Rey, Nacho Santalla and Juan Reiris, are the members of JIGGATOUR, an adventure of 7 days in which we visited 7 cities and rode over 3,000 km. Oporto, Lisbon, Lagos, Cadiz, Seville and Malaga were the places we could enjoy, not all the time we [...]

HELAS mixtape feat. Marek Zaprazny

Our friends at the Helas Cap Club put together this gem of a mix tape featuring its exclusive team.  Orion trucks Amateur Marek Zaprazny and the rest of the Helas crew nailed it.  Take 15 minutes, watch this and hit the streets for a session, it will be hard not too! THE HÉLAS MIXTAPE from [...]

Stalin Plaza Edit feat. Marek Zaprazny

If you ask Marek where his favorite place to skate is , you would not get any hesitation on his part. Stalin Plaza, simply the best!  Check out Marek, Lisivka and Kardelis tear this place a new one.  New edit from an injured Marek coming soon. Keep posted!

Nike SB Peru x Radar Skate Vol. 2

Orion trucks riders Chino Zumaeta, Bruno Bonilla, Massimo Monciatti along with Daniel Moreno Get down to work on a killer edit presented by Nike SB Peru.  Chino and Massimo flew into LA yesterday to finish up work on the new Peruvian Shit video dropping soon!

Red Bull Pushing Forward part 2

How Social Media has Changed Skateboarding Chapter Two of Pushing Forward examines how social media has impacted pro skaters in 2014. Has social media hurt or helped skateboarding? In Chapter Two of ‘Pushing Forward,’ a skate documentary from Red Bull, we take a look at the impact of social media on pro skateboarders and how [...]

Red Bull Last Resort feat. R. Decenzo

Last Resort: Aspotogan – A skateboard paradise Scenic views and smooth ground. Welcome to skateboarding’s only all-inclusive resort. It has been over 20 years since construction crews walked away from a multi-million dollar resort project on the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, never to return. Half completed, the building sat empty and abandoned in the [...]

Martin Pek BlackRabbit 4ever

Black rabbit 4ever , a new video out of the Czech Republic just dropped and Martin Pek has a killer full part!  Great job brother and good luck at this years Tampa Am contest!  

New Marek part!

A new full length video out of Slovakia “Elare2″  just dropped featuring the finest the Country has to offer.  Filmed and edited by Stefan Kurilla featuring the skating of  Adam Tran, Filip Krchník ,Marek Zápražný, Braňo Mrváň, Ondrej Leskoviansky and Peter Molec. Killer spots in a killer Country.  Take 20 mins to watch and go skating!  

Into the midnight sun on the LRG Pandanavia Tour

The skateboarding road trippers make a final sweep of Pandanavia. So here we were, waking up on board a ferry after some much-needed rest to find ourselves docking in Finland. We bided our time for a couple of days in Jyväskylä, a small city in central Finland with great spots. From there, we embarked for Helsinki [...]

Photographic Memory: LRG enter Finland

Meeting the people and panic in the streets.   The final episode of the LRG Pandanavia tour features our endeavours in Jyväskylä andHelsinki, Finland. By tour’s end, Felipe Gustavo had a date with Street League, but in his place LRG’s newest European team rider, Niilo Nikkanen, came out swinging. Assess his impact in the final banger from the swashbuckling LRG Pandanavia tour [...]